About Us


Have clean, cold, filtered water for your events!  Our Buggy’s refrigerate and filter water sources on location for easy access to great tasting drinking water.

Unlike typical water delivery systems that just dispense municipal water, our H20 Buggies are fitted with state-of-the-art filtration systems including ultraviolet sterilization.

Our Buggies also have on-board refrigeration systems, ensuring a refreshing experience for event goers.  Our Buggies are also cleaned and sanitized before and after each event ensuring a safe experience for everyone.


Make your event bottle free! H20 Buggy provides a fun, convenient, environmentally friendly and refreshing way to access water for your events.

Make your event bottle free! Today’s consumer and event attendees are more environmentally conscious than ever.  Municipalities are also having to deal with the logistics of bottle collection, disposal and/or recycling at these events, and coming to the realization that the millions of dollars spent providing safe drinking water that should and could be used at these events.

H20 Buggy provides the ideal solution to address all these issues.  Our Buggies can filter and refrigerate existing municipal water sources providing a consistent and refreshing water product for the public.


H20 Buggies are designed to be highly mobile. Delivered on location via truck, it can be located virtually anywhere there is access to a municipal water source.  H20 Buggy also has a smaller unit in the works that can be placed anywhere you can carry it.

Our Buggies are ideal for events such as concerts, fairs, conventions, race events, marathons and much more!  Give us a call and we will work with you to determine the best approach to provide your event with great tasting water!